Innovating Condo Units with Smart Home Technology

Control signifies power. It means making things work the way you want them to. The same idea inspired Picar Development Inc., the premium real estate developer of AMA Group, to design The Stratford Residences with an innovative residential solution that enables its future residents to control their condo unit, also known as the smart home technology.

Published in Manila Bulletin (page G4) Jan 9, 2014

Published in Manila Bulletin (page G4) Jan 9, 2014

A specialized system that aims to revolutionize urban high-rise living, smart home allows residents to easily manage and access their living spaces with a user-friendly touchscreen panel or their smartphones. It adopts the concept of home automation and personalization to make it possible to program unit devices like switching on and off the lights.

With smart home, a television set can act as a high-tech interface to access and control the entire unit, while smartphones can be used to adjust room temperature, open curtains, or control other home features. The technology also simplifies audio, video and home theatre components with just one remote control for all.

“Imagine waking up right when your alarm clock rings its bells. The window blinds of your bedroom automatically open to let the sunshine in and touch your skin. After a few seconds, your flat screen TV tunes in to your favorite program by itself. And you start your day right. This is just one of the many extraordinary possibilities that the smart home technology can do for you,” explained Picar Chairman Amb. Amable R. Aguiluz V.

This revolutionary innovation was a product of Picar’s collaboration with Cisco Systems, Inc., one of the worldwide leaders in designing and manufacturing networking products and services. In fact, smart home is just one of the dozen value-added services future residents of The Stratford Residences can subscribe to. Other intelligent features include virtual attendants and video conferencing, child-locating transponders, an integrated safety and security system, intelligent building management services, a smart work center and more.

“All innovations incorporated into the masterplan of The Stratford Residences were carefully chosen and engineered to afford its future residents a transformed environment that provides unmatched comfort,” said Aguiluz. Touted as the tallest residential tower in the Philippines, The Stratford Residences will top off at 74 floors to offer an improved sky-high life anchored on the philosophy of modern luxury living. It is located at Picar Place, the newest lifestyle destination in the cosmopolitan hub of Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City.


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